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6 Reasons Circumcision Destroys Sexual Pleasure

6 Reasons Circumcision Destroys Sexual Pleasure

Humans are mammals. All mammals have a foreskin. Examples of mammals range from bats to deer to whales, and of course apes, the closest relatives of humans. Mammals share a lot of common characteristics, but each species differs greatly from the other. However, one thing stands common among them and that is the foreskin.

Something interesting to note is that all humans also have foreskins. Yes, females too. Theirs is called the clitoral prepuce and sadly, it too is subject to circumcision in some countries that practice female genital mutilation.

Regardless of whether you believe in evolution or creation, it’s seems that the foreskin was deemed essential by both.

Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure in a number of ways

1) Removal of over 20,000 nerve endings

With circumcision:

  • The ridged band is removed completely
  • Most of the frenulum is removed, if not all of it
  • About half or more of the inner foreskin is also removed

The ridged band is at the tip of the foreskin. Like its name suggests, it has multiple ridges or wrinkles on it. This tissue is extremely sensitive to light touches and is thought to be the primary erogenous tissue of the penis as it

  1. Contains over 20,000 nerve endings
  2. Contains meissner’s corpuscle receptors – These are found on the palm of your hand and provide high-resolution sensation so you can feel even little details. To get an idea of what it feels like, run your fingers over the top of your hand and just notice that sensation. Then run your fingers over the palm of your hand. The sensation from the palm should be vastly more intense.

To summarize, circumcision removes more than half of the sensory tissue on the penis.

2) Keratinization of the glans and remaining inner foreskin

The penis was never designed to be exposed 24/7. When flaccid, the foreskin overhangs the glans, but when an erection is achieved the foreskin retracts behind the corona to expose the glans. The foreskin protects and moisturizes the mucosal tissue. Without a foreskin, the mucosal tissue is exposed permanently and dries up. This is not unlike keeping your mouth open and letting it dry up. It creates an uncomfortable sensation and rightly so. Mucosal tissue is meant to be kept moist.

Keratinization is the build up of proteins on top of the mucosal tissue. This is a compensatory mechanism and is a direct consequence of circumcision. This serves to protect the delicate mucosal membranes. But, it also dampens sensitivity by acting as a layer on top of the nerves. It’s not unlike wearing a thin condom. As a circumcised male grows older, his penis becomes less and less sensitive due to keratinization, among other things.

3) The gliding mechanism is destroyed

The penis was never meant to be rigid. The foreskin was meant to be moved up and down freely and without discomfort. This creates a unique, intense sensation that can never be felt by a circumcised man.

As the foreskin moves up the penis, it folds in on itself thereby letting the ridged band and inner foreskin caress the glans and the frenulum. In contrast, a circumcised penis requires friction and a lot of it. Not only that, but it also requires more force.

Thus, multiple parts of the penis are stimulated at once, creating an ecstatic experience.

4) Destruction of the frenulum’s mechanism

As the foreskin retracts during sexual activity, the frenulum gently tugs on the urethral opening creating a unique sensation. The frenulum is thought to directly influence the strength of ejaculation and orgasm.

In fact, this is the reason why intact men are more likely to have stronger ejaculations. It makes sense too, from a biological perspective a man that shoots ejaculate rather than oozes it is more likely to impregnate a woman.

5) The brain becomes blind to the penis

The foreskin was meant to be an off and on switch for sexual activity. This is why the glans and the other mucosal tissue are only exposed during an erection and get covered when flaccid. A consistently exposed penis rubs against clothing and fabric all day.

The brain tunes out familiar sensations and the penis is no exception. This is why you normally don’t feel the sensation of clothes rubbing against your skin.

6) It lowers the ceiling of potential sexual pleasure

When it comes to sexual pleasure there are 2 things to keep in mind, a floor and a ceiling. The floor referring to at what point sexual pleasure becomes readily noticeable and the ceiling is the limit to which sexual pleasure can reach. In other words, the ceiling is just how good sexual pleasure can feel.

And for the vast majority of circumcised men, the ceiling is rarely reached. This is largely because of the lack of sensation required to get there. You can think of sensation as fuel for sexual pleasure. Less sensation means there’s little fuel for pleasure while more sensation means there’s more fuel.

Thus, when comparing sexual pleasure between an intact man and a circumcised man, the intact man will not only have more potential sexual pleasure, but it will be a lot easier for him to reach its upper limits, if there is any. On the other hand, the circumcised man has less potential sexual pleasure and will have a much harder time reaching the upper limit.

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  1. Garrison E. Davis

    And in the USA they attempt to disclaim this and allow females to study male sensitivity .. you have to be joking. Looks at Journal of Urology? No difference.. wow that’s like taking the color sening cones from the eye and claiming nope, no difference in vision people. We can keep color blinding babies.

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