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Evil Mothers See No Wrong with FGM

Evil Mothers See No Wrong with FGM

Female genital mutilation is undoubtedly an evil act and most people in civilized countries would not disagree with this. And yet victims of this act not only defend it but continue supporting it. These pathetic excuses for mothers rely on backwards religious traditions to justify this horrific deed. They see no wrong it. As though FGM doesn’t impair sexual function of the victims.

Actually, it probably goes further than that. I think these women are glad they’re harming their children’s genitals, solely because it reduces sexual pleasure. Yes, many religions find sexual pleasure to be a sin. As though their God didn’t intend for humans to enjoy their lives. This stupid belief would be fine on its own, after all people are free to believe in whatever they want, no matter how idiotic their beliefs are. But what’s not fine is trying to brainwash your child with your same beliefs.

Yet many parents do this very exact thing. Why? Why don’t they just let their child decide for themselves? It’s simple, if it’s left up to the child then the child will most likely reject their insane beliefs. This is frightening to the parent because then they will start questioning their own beliefs. And obviously they don’t like this. They don’t like thinking for themselves.

Watch these stupid women try to justify their evil actions

Keep in mind that they’re trying to justify it with a 2000+ year old book. The funny part is they’re completely wrong. No where in the Quran nor in the Hadiths is FGM mentioned as a requirement for being a Muslim. As is the same with male genital mutilation, albeit that one hadith the prophet Muhammad wrote. But again, it’s not a requirement, it’s merely a recommendation.

And even if it was a requirement it still doesn’t justify taking away the person’s choice. Inscribing your idiotic beliefs into your child’s genitals is a wicked act and should carry harsh punishments.

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